DM Puyallup (customers within the city limits) Change to Automated Garbage Service FAQs

What do I do to avoid a garbage mess in my area?

The best way to help your driver ensure the best service possible in regards to messes is to contain your trash in secured garbage bags. Placing secured/tied garbage bags inside your can for collection will assist our drivers in making sure that your neighborhood stays looking tidy by avoiding loose trash from falling out during service. It also will help ensure that all items can free-fall from the garbage can and avoid any items being left at the bottom of your can after pick-up. While our drivers will do their best to clean up any messes made during service, we cannot always commit enough time to cleaning up pre-existing messes or large messes created from unsecured/loose garbage being thrown away in cans.

What is Waste Connections holiday schedule?

The only holidays our drivers do not work are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. Please see our announcements page for if these holidays affect your pick up schedule this year.

What do I do when there is inclement weather?

When our region is faced with inclement weather, we will do the best we can to safely provide service. If we are able to, we will start our routes later than normal-- please leave material at the curb. If we cannot safely operate our fleet, service may be delayed.

Please check our web page or call Customer Service at 1-888-806-7048 for updates and instructions for set out.

When should I set my can out for collection?

Please have all material available the night before your service day or by 7:00 AM on your service day. Vashon residents, please have all items available by 6:00am to ensure service.

If my garbage is missed what do I do?

Please let us know immediately so we are aware. If we are not contacted, we do not know you have been missed. (Return trip fee may apply)

Why has my pick up time changed?

Though our drivers do their best to collect your items at the same time each week, this is not always possible. Due to changes in routes, weather, road work, traffic, and other uncontrollable circumstances, we cannot guarantee the same pick up time every week. For this reason we ask that your items be available by 7:00 AM on your service day.

Why must my lid on my garbage can be detachable?

We ask that your 32-gallon can you provide for service has a secure-fitting, detachable lid for safety and efficiency of service. Our drivers do their best to manage all service aspects within their control and treat each customer's can with care. While buying a can with an attached lid or attaching your lid to your can yourself may seem like a great solution to uncontrollable factors in service, (i.e. Mother Nature, neighborhood animals, or passersby) this can actually cause more issues. If a lid is attached it can make servicing it by hand a safety hazard to the driver due to a change in the ergonomics to empty it. It can also cause more of a mess if it interferes with the process to empty garbage from your can. An attached lid does not allow drivers, who service every can by hand; to efficiently do their job in a timely manner. An attached lid can also pose an issue for the driver by making it more likely that your can or lid will be damaged during service. Labeling your lid and can with your house number can help to avoid lost lids. While we appreciate customers' efforts to avoid lost lids, please be sure your lid is detached from your can so we may provide the best service possible.

If I go on vacation can I stop my account?

Vacation credit is given if you are gone for three consecutive weeks are more. Please contact us before leaving so that we can adjust your account and notify the drivers.

How do I make changes to my account?

Please call our offices or email us to make any change to your account. Only the person named on the account can make any changes. Please do not write changes on your bill or give the information to your driver

Why is my bill so high?

We bill our residential customers bi-monthly, so each statement is for two months of service. If your account was started in the middle of a billing cycle, you may have been billed for three months on your first bill. If this is the case, your future bills will only be for two months at a time.

Why was I charged for extras?

An extra is defined as any additional bag or can set out for pick up above your subscribed service level. An "extra" fee may also apply if your can is overflowing or if your can is overweight. Cans can be filled level to the top, but anything above this point or next to the can constitutes an extra and is chargeable. If your can is overweight, overflowing or you are continually putting out extras for pick up, you may need to increase your level of service. Please call our office to inquire about any changes to your account.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, using our web site you can view and pay your statements online. Click online bill pay to sign up.

Why am I being charged for recycling when I don't recycle?

In 1989 the Waste Not Washington Bill was passed mandating that all residents pay for the recycle program. The program has an inverted rate structure so that everyone pays into the program, but those who chose to participate by recycling will receive the lowest available rate. The idea is to encourage more Washington residents to recycle. We encourage all of our customers to recycle and help make waste reduction an everyday value.

What should I do with recyclables that don't fit in the cart?

Since our recycling trucks are automated, any items left outside the cart will not be collected. Recyclables can also be taken to staffed recycling stations throughout the county. For a complete list of recycling locations call 1-800-RECYCLE or visit www.piercecountywa.org/recycle.

If I am a business can I recycle more than just cardboard?

Yes, please ask Customer Service about our Commingled Recycling program that allows you to recycle plastics, metal and mixed waste paper along with your cardboard. See our Commercial Recycling page for more information or visit www.dm-recycling.com..

Does Waste Connections offer yard debris service?

Yes, we do in most areas, please contact our Customer Service Department at 888-806-7048 or MurreysDisposal@wcnx.org for availability and rates.

What if I need to contact customer service after business hours?

You are more than welcome to leave a message on our office voicemail after hours. All of our calls are returned the next business day. You may also email our customer service department any time of day or night. All emails will be responded to on the next business day. We take pride in our quick and friendly responses. Please let us serve you today!